What I Read in February 2021

Hi, friends! I don’t know about you but I don’t read quite as much when I have a TV show I am watching. Recently, we have been watching The Sopranos (on HBO) most evenings, but somehow I managed to read six books in a short month! I read some GREAT books in February and am excited to share my thoughts with you.

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What I Read in January 2021

Hi, friends! Now that January is almost over, I am sharing my thoughts on everything I read this month. I don’t know exactly why, but January is always my strongest month when it comes to reading. Of course, a bunch of books being available from the library and all being due in a few weeks motivated me to read every day!

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What I Read Last Month – December 2020 + Favorite Books from 2020

Hi, friends! Here I am with the first book post of 2021, or rather the last book review of 2020. Since this is the last book post for 2020, I thought it would be fun to wrap it up with my top ten books from 2020! Keep reading for my reviews for December books and for my favorite books from 2020.

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Books I Read Last Month – October 2020

Happy November, friends! Despite the incomprehensible weather we are having in North Carolina as usual, November feels like the true beginning of fall for me, and I am excited for more fall weather and the upcoming holiday season. It looks like I was a voracious reader in the month of October (this often happens when all of my library holds become available at the same time haha), and I do have some book recommendations, should you be looking!

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Books I Read Last Month – July 2020

Hi, friends! Happy First Day of August! July is finally over, and I’m happy to be closer to the end of 2020. Anyways, this means another book post from me. Keep reading for my thoughts on all the books I read in July.

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